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Servo Not Working

so i plugged in all of the servos and the when i gave my revolution six a command to move one of the servos wouldn't moved so i tried to move it with my hand unplugged and it won't move. i don't know what to do?


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if it won't move when unplugged, try loosening the screw that holds the white plastic bracket to the servo and see if it was on too tight and binding.



I ended up just taking it apart i think it just got burnt out because of the smell when i opened it, i never even used the servo just plugged it in i don't know what happened. guess i'll have to buy a new one. Christmas present a bust.:(((


If it is brand new, EZ-Robot may replace it under warranty. Use the Contact Us link to check.

I could loan you a spare while you wait for the replacement. My email is in my profile if you want to send me your address.