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Servo Control - Best Way To Control Rate Of Turn ?

Any suggestions on the best way to have a servo move in a slow continuous motion. I'm trying to get "Bob" to move his arms up and down in a driving (hands on steering wheel motion). I need alternating arms moving in a fluid up and down motion.


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. Know the function "servo speed" in ARC?, Are 10 speed settings, select a slow speed and opens 2 windows "servo speed" one for each servo.Luego creates two small programs for the up-down movement of each investing arm up and down positions, I think also you can open a main program that tells the two programs that start up, it could also be done in one program by the positions of the left arm and the next line positions right arm without intervals aware both lines. I think there are several ways to do that, even now that their robot has rotation in hand with another program that synchronizes the ascension of the arms with the rotation of the wrists, could even handle a real steering wheel! I hope to answer on this interesting subject: driving robots.


Thanks R2D2..I'll try out those tips. I'm still a primitive with ARC