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Seperate Power Source For Ezb , Servoes And Motors And One Charging Source

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Ok the term paralleled means all positives are connected together and all negatives connected from batteries of the same voltage. Paralleled batteries of the same voltage adds their Amp Hour capacity at that voltage.

The term series is where batteries are wired positive to the next batteries negative and positive to another negative. This is commonly called a daisy chain. Series two 6v batteries together and you will have 12v at the same Amp Hour rating.

Ok here's the idea- ezb, motor controller and servos need 6v everything else is 12v. I want to be able to charge them from a home base eventually but for right now it would be through the DC charge port already in omnibot back. This way while running everything has seperate power supplies and all charge from one easy source.

This could easily be.applied without the 12v batteries and just have 4 6v batteries that can seperatly power all the components so there is never a over amping situation of a battery causing a brown out. However with cells having a parralelled side there is a simple charging solution that's easier than using complex balance chargers on each.cell. :)


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Very good system! This gives possibility to make a AutoRecharge station.
Have you thought about it? 12v charger fixed location, and a glyph for the camera to locate the station's robot.
In my case I think utulizar 4 batteries 12V, 7A connected in parallel (28A), and then a LM317 regulators, with some heavy duty servos operate up to 6-7v, leds to another voltage, direct 12v esc, etc. ..

You will need a disconnect or relay to change from series to parallel . As it is drawn now you have a direct short from + to - on the 6V batteries. I did the same thing on the Ev I'm building. You should have seen the flash from 4 group 24 gel cells 24v 800amps ! J.W.:)
Ok so on the connection of charger it trips a relay. Take in mind parrallel connection is providing 6v. Are you suggesting the jumper between pos and neg on the 6v batts? Or somwhere else.
Yes I absolutely want to make a charging station! But I don't know.how so I have not done any design work yet. Any ideas? Drawings? Here's my second option , I can keep everything wired at 12v and use step down convertera I have which are fully adjustable to exact voltage. They are rated at 2a continous each but no rating for max. I have three of these. So one for ezb, one for H bridge and one for servos . How's that sound? Wired all 12v I would have 26ah at 12v which is 312 watt hours. This may run my bot 2 to 6 he depending on wattage draw. How's that sound? I will make New thread for charging base I believe.
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Where do you propose putting a relay though?
Oh I just realized you really need separate chargers or just use a DC to DC converter. The different AH and size batteries require separating the batteries to keep from over charging the littler ones or under charging the big ones.
Yea I believe ill use all 12v cells and use the dc to dc converters to step down the voltage. They are rated for 2 amps each continous so that should be enough I guess.