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Second Purchase Impressions


Since my first buying experience was not the greatest, I thought I would post what my second buying experience was like.

I purchase the developer kit, Roli and some misc supplies. The order went through on a Monday and got my package the same week on a Thursday. I did send an email on Monday to make sure everything was ok on my order. So EZRobot processed my order quickly and this time DHL delivered on time (shocked), actually one day sooner.

Products arrived in good condition. Only slight markings on the Roli box and the plastic wrap wasnt covering the whole box. Other than that, all good to go. Now kids have more fun stuff to do. Maybe they will have more interest in the Roli and I can come up with some stuff with the development kit.

Good job EZ-Robot staff!

First experience link:


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That's really great to hear! Thank you for sharing your positive experience and letting us know. It's good for the staff to see how happy people are with their hard work.
@69developer Thanks so much for giving us your feedback! I am so glad you had a great experience. :)