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Screeching Ezb V4

Hi, have just unpackaged a brand new JD procured for our library education programme through State Library of Queensland, Australia.

Upon switch on, the EZ-B v4 cycles through it's lights and gets to the flashing blue as normal, but all the time makes a high pitched squealing/ screeching sound, which does not cease. There is no normal start up chime. It also does not appear to be connecting to wi-fi.

As i cannot see this issue mentioned anywhere in any forum threads or discussions, I am wanting to ascertain if there is an easy fix for this or if its a warranty replacement issue?

I have a video clip of the issue if it helps: thanks:)

video of problem


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Whoa! That's a new sound:)

Use a Phillips screw driver and take the plastic shell off the ezb. See if the magnets have dislodged from shipping. One magnet may be touching the circuit causing a short.



Wasn't expecting that....i wouldn't be surprised if customs, etc had a fiddle with that ezb4, because its never been heard or mentioned of before.

Hope you sort it out Alan.:)