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Scraps Is Getting Updated

They are calling for snow tonite here in the north west so I think its time to updates scraps.
I'm not at home now I'm out having coffee thinking.
I have already removed the old EZ-B and got the new EZ-B vSTBM mounted and that was a hard job lol
Will get to work on hooking everything up but need to order a new pan and tilt camera mount and a new camera.
In time I will add a shell to it.

Will ad more info later


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This is how scraps looks now

User-inserted image

I think I need to use a better camera lol
Well I see that I need to get a 5v regulator for my servos but because not all will be in use at same time I plan to power them all off just one.

It snowing now and scraps is not ready:(

It will take a few months to get the parts I still need.