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Saywait Command Not Releasing

I have been using the SayWait command for a bit but notice since my last update that it is not releasing the hold it puts on recognition after it has finished speaking.

Example: SayWait("Hello, I am a robot")

I speak my command and my bot responds but then refuses to recognise any others.

There are not warnings or errors in the de-bug....

Have i missed something?

Is there now an 'unwait' command or something as I note the Speech Recognition command has a timer attached...? Example: ControlCommand( "Speech Recognition", PauseMS, 3000)

Any ideas anyone?


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New Zealand

Found it! ....

Seems that if you use the halt() command immediately after the saywait command it does not release before the script is finished so stays locked in the wait mode preventing speech recognition from working after exiting the script.

In the example below if the variable $audible_menus is 'On' the script exits after the statement and speech recognition works but the alternative it does not and speech recognition is locked out.

if ($audible_menus="On" ) Say ("Cancelled as requested" ) Else Saywait ("Cancelled." ) Endif halt()