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Saving To Cloud

What does the following error message mean? I get this message when trying to save my project to the Cloud.
My file size is 55Mb whereas Cloud file size limit is 64Mb I thought.

The request failed with HTTP status 413: Request entity too large.

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I think it might be where you have to save a project to the cloud first before saving it to the computer, or if you have enough space you could save it to your computer.
I can save the project to my laptop Ok but I can't upload it for the Mobile App to use except via the Cloud as far as I know.
The ARC Mobile App is quite useless to me at the moment with its file size limitation and no audio from the sound card.
Why don't you make a version for the cloud that has the things you really need in the file for mobile.
Can do but still no audio coming out of the my tablet's  sound card.
I'm having some trouble too with audio but I can still hear some mp3 files.
If you can't hear anything from the speaker in the ez b (especially if you hear no battery warning notifications) then that's a problem.