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Sabertooth Updates?

Anyone hear of anyone successfully coming up with a concrete script that can pair with the sabertooth for speed ramping yet (Tank style steering) ? As it seems from the past threads currently it is still not perfected yet ( laggy delays and jerky stop and starts..ect ) .


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If you read through the whole thread where the script was developed, Dave points out that you can connect to the Sabertooth with Describe software and tell it to turn on ramping internally, which makes the script superfluous.



Yea I saw that but I really did not see anyone try it, so I figured it was not something I could just "add" without possibly screwing up my sabertooth internally. I was hoping for a workaround within the EZ itself with creative scripting ect.

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Try this one I made for Gwen. It should have no lag other than the ramp up/down time which is unavoidable (avoiding it would mean no ramping or knowing you intend to stop before you stop which is impossible in any method).

Speed Ramping Project

The project is also public on the cloud. The cloud version is probably more up to date.


It is built in functionality of the Sabertooth using the manufacturers software. Don't see how it could screw it up. At worst, you just connect again and turn the feature back off.

I will be doing this on mine, but I haven't hooked it up yet (and actually still deciding between wheelchair and power-wheels motors. I have both. I think wheelchair may be overkill for what I am building). Still working on a small scale with a Roli before I build my big dog--bot.



Thx Rich ! will i need to mess with anything other than the port designation (D0)..ect? All the variables are there?

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Probably knowing my scripts. If not its structured so changes are easily made. It's likely I used D0 unless Gwen stated otherwise when asking for it. I'm not home so can't check it though.

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The script is set for port D7 and it's not a variable (I don't set ports as variables any more as a rule).

It's only the "Ramp Speed" script in the "Movement Controls" script manager which needs adjusting on lines 27 & 28, the ramp speed/delay is a variable set on line 9 of the same script.

Nothing else in that script nor in other scripts need changing.