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Sabertooth Compatibility

did a check, the amperage on the motors i am usingare 2.8-3A, with a 6A jump on startup.
the 2x12 can do 25A jump for a few seconds and 12A continuess.

that will give my robot plenty of power.

the sabertooth 2x12 is good for this setup right?

dont want to mess up anything other than the old rc car frame.

and does anyone have a pic or diagram of a sabertooth connection to the EZ-B?

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2x12 is a fine option for this. You could get away with a 2x5 but they are a little different config and I don't know anyone using with an ez-b, so you might run into difficulty. Price difference isn't huge, so go with the 2x12 and you'll be able to re use it if you decide you need a more powerful bot later.
K thanks. Tune in to my wall-e and rc car projects so you can give me help and get your name in the credits.