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Sabertooth 2X5 Regenerative Dual Channel Motor Controller


how can i connect the Sabertooth 2X5 Regenerative Dual Channel Motor Controller to EZ-B

i find there instruction very confusing

see Mode 2: R/C Input
and power +- inputs

document in pdf


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Do you want to control both wheels separetly or together?
which part are you having troubles with?

The main difference between rc mode and micro controller control is the auto config on rc node, im assuming you're using the ezb do I would disable that switch

And for connection. b1 and b2 is you're positive and negative from the battery, m1a and m1b is one motor m2a and m2b is the second motor. S1 controls m1 and connects to ezb , s2 controls m2 and also connects to ezb. Gnd is you're ground and connects to ezb also. +5 is a power supply but It can't power the ezb for some reason.

Let me know how it goes
hi joedesl

Thanks for the reply

Sorry i should have said what my problems was:(
its says not to connect the +5v . but which +5v
so I would next 2 power supply's 1 for ez-b and 1 for Sabertooth, and just connect a common ground

as i am new to all this and a pensioner. I cannot afford to get it wrong :))
Yup +5, on the same side as s1 and s2 is to supply 5 volts to some led lights ... It cannot power a motor or anything that draws alot of current.

b1 and b2 ( either that or b+ and b- ) is to power the sabertooth.
Thanks Joedesl

1.to sum up 2 power supply
2. only connect "-" and "S" form the ez-d to sabertooth

what are you working on if you dont mind me asking
United Kingdom
Hi baloo

Crikie mate i would not like to find that under the dunie seat.;)

Im going to be using a sabertooth controler in my bot.
Iv downloaded the manual and can see why you are confused.
If you sort it out plz post answers .