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Sabertooth 2X25 With Dual 12V Batteries

I've got a Jet2 wheelchair base. The two motors require two 12V batteries. All of the wiring diagrams for the Sabertooth 2x25 that I've seen so far just show 1 battery. I of course have 2. Am I supposed to be wiring my two batteries in series? Or in parallel? or do I just connect both battery reds to Sabertooth B+ and both blacks to Sabertooth B-?

I've read the whole Sabertooth 2x25 manual and all the Jet2 manual & materials I can find. I've already disconnected and removed the brakes in my motors. I know I'm not the first person to use a Jet2 with a Sabertooth 2x25. I must be Googling the wrong words. Help? Links?



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parallel if they are 12V motors... series if they are 24V motors

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
@rryerson Thanks! The Jet2 seems to have 24V motors, so series it is. Testing the batteries in series gave 22.9v on the multimeter. Both motors ran forward and backwards when 24v was applied.:D

Earlier I somehow smoked my Sabertooth 2x25. Not sure how I did that as I was very careful with black vs red. Sigh...
Can the sabertooth handle 24v? Also are you sure both batteries are fully charged... you should see over 24v when in series on your multimeter.
I sprung for the Sabertooth 2x60 now. Happy birthday to me! No more messing around with the 2x25...I'm not convinced I wired anything wrong to kill it. I definitely never reversed black/red. Technically I should be ok with 24v on the 2x25 but I've heard of others with issues with 2x25 and Jet2 power wheelchair.

The batteries are not recently charged so 22.9 is reasonable I suppose.
I would charge those batteries as soon as possible if I were you... And also make sure you check your wiring before hooking up your new sabeetooth.... I googled the sabertooth controllers... they should be good up 36v...
Just a suggestion...
You may want to put the batteries in parallel and test it at 12V to see if it is fast enough. Those scooters hum right along. With a light weight robot you might find that full speed is dangerously fast. If 12V isn't enough, you can easily switch it up to 24V.
The Sabertooth 2x60 is soooooo niiiiice! Worth every extra penny! Hooked it up to my EZ-B and I'm good to go! She works like a charm! FINALLY I can move on!

@Danger, yes I agree that 12V seems to be more than enough so I am wiring the batteries in parallel for now. If the load (snow plow) proves too much then I'll switch to series.

Thanks y'all!
I am glad to hear that it is working as well. I have the same motors, and the same Sabertooth for my B9. I have not gotten to the point of putting them in it yet.
I was wondering if any body has tried using the same remote and receiver back and forth on 2 different robots, my lawn mower has a 2x25 saber and my new bot has 2x60 tried to bind to new bot but the light is green but motors will not turn, and I don't know if fan turns all the time because mine don't applied power but fan spins for 3 seconds then shuts down but green light steel on, any ideas 24v system I was wondering if the receiver needs its own power source any ideas any body? And what size of wire recommend using on power leads I'm using 10g, and 12g on motors?
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