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SMS Integration

Hey Community, Has anyone connected EZ-B using text messaging.  I have a project where I need to send commands to and from the robot using SMS.  Was wondering if there is already something out there before I start.  Move servo. MMS a photo back to phone etc.  I figured I could probably use twillio IFTTT etc

Scenario is No Internet EZ-B is out of WIFI Bluetooth range etc and I need to send receive to a robot where the only telecommunications is SMS.  Maybe attach a phone or Pi on robot etc


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Long time ago (before the 2G) I used a few Siemens M20 (Serial Modem)

This seems a good alternative:

You'll need to validate the sim card/sms services with a Telco Provider.


Hey thanks PTP I poked around my box of stuff and found an old multitech board from a car GPS project I put together a few years and it has SMS HSPA and a twillio sim

Dev Board   Modem

Has a compiler So I think I have all the pieces I need.  I guess I can use TX RX out to talk to EZ-B  or maybe hack DJ arduino code and try and port it over.

If this fails I will try your Adafruit option.