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Running My Robot Project Though The Ez Mono On Pi 3

hi there im hoping for a bit of technical support with my human sized robottics project.

A> i have managed to work out the power issue my ez-b ver4 but once ive built my droid's power plant which i still insist on on being charger harness linked solar powered sealed lead acid array of a range between 6-14v with at least 22 amps max entering the ez-b4 then the robobrain powers everything its linked to.

the one problem that has warrent me swallowing my pride is bipedal balancing at a human height and communication from rpi 3 to ez-b 4 using ez mono program for automation both in terms of navigation and A.I grade social interaction and problem resolution.

i dont mean to sound selective but im hoping for advice experienced builders and hoping for a response from those responsible for the creator of the ez-robot product in question


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Nice to meet you! I don’t see a question focused enough for anyone to directly pick this up. I recommend that you split the project up into smaller details and convert those into requests. For example, start by asking how to connect the ezb to the pi. Once that’s successful, ask how to control motors. Once that’s successful, ask how to add a camera. Once that’s successful, ask how to add api.ai or a machine learning control/plugin, etc etc etc

Rome wasn’t built in a day:D

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This first task id have to request in this method would be to how to connect rpi 3 to ez-b using the sdk needed then running the ez-robot folder for the droid to operate with.

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The real question is how could maching learning run with this communication method?

And yeah rome was fully built over 1million days but yerh point taken the questions could work better than double guessing this obsticle :(


Because you are using a pi, options for simplicity will be limited. You have two options...

  1. the mono sdk: http://synthiam.com/Products/ARC

  2. the uwp sdk: http://synthiam.com/Products/ARC

Both require actual coding. Your goal is to have the project run on a pi, but pi is difficult to program for. In this case, I recommend using ARC on your PC to learn with.

Begin using ARC and build your project in that workspace. Once you have a project that you’re happy with, moving it to the pi with uwp is a matter of coding.

Using ARC, you can excitement with machine learning easily - by looking at the robot program.

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could i move the ARC project into the pi and run an automated control script to wirelessly control the ez-b?


No - The pi will require you to write code and compile the project.

Building the project with ARC on PC will allow you to easily design the features of your robot. Once you have built the robot using ARC, you can write code, knowing what you want, to the pi.

What i'm saying is that it's easier to experiment with ARC than to experiment with writing tons of code.

Start with the robot program to get your robot rock'n with ARC, then move it to the pi with code.

Also, if the pi is inside your robot, i recommend not using wifi. The pi can connect directly to the ez-b with serial UART... when you get to that point.