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Run A Script Using Speech Recognition Or Visual Tracking While In The Android Ap


I wrote a few small scripts that require voice commands and visual tracking. Is it possible to run these while using the Android app?

When I select the Tracking and Speech Recognition in Desktop view it says both are not currently available. But I'm wondering if there's another way to it.

Any help is much appreciated.



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Voice commands require speech recognition which is not available in the mobile apps yet (hoping it's being worked on and they will be one day.), and camera tracking cannot be used with the mobile apps either as far as I'm aware.

I don't thinks there is a way around it other than writing a plug-in (not sure what the limitations are for these controls, and why they haven't been added to the mobile platform apps as smartphones/tablets can do both what your asking), but a possible workaround is to use a Remote Desktop VCN app that runs on your Andriond or iOS device, and controls a PC via WiFi and/or a cellular connection (depending on the app). Essentially, you control full ARC for Windows on a mobile device. There are limitations to this though, as it would mean having to have a PC on and running ARC, and when using speech recognition, you would have to use the PC's microphone, not the Adroid device. I did find one app called iTeleport where I can use the iPhone's speech recognition to use the Pandorabot controls text input field. I think it is available on Android too, but there are cheaper VCN apps available with different features.

Although the VCN idea won't directly solve the speech recognition control idea as the control doesn't have a text input field (being a speech recognition control), but it should go towards solveing the camera tracking issue.

Hope that helps.


@Steve G thanks for your reply and confirmation. I will explore your idea for VCN.