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Rover5 Base For Sale

It is brand new. Same base that is used for Roli. Asking 40.00 plus shipping.


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No I will just ebay it then. It is literally as new as it gets. And the cheapest I have found was 45.00.
I will do 40 shipped
Does it include motors? I assume no H-bridge included?

It has the motors for the wheels of course. It is just the base platform. I got it cause I wanted the option of putting my JD on it then I jet decided to get a roli as well so I don't need the rover anymore.
OK. I'll think about it and let you know. Don't turn down any other offers waiting for me though. I have a tread platform that I made using Tamaiya (sp) treads, but I am thinking about something a little bigger and more reliable (the treads tend to fall off if I turn too fast).

Really second guessing myself for pre-ordering a developers kit instead of a Roli, but I have already made two changes to my order, so that ship has sailed:)