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Rover 5 Turning Question

Hi please can someone help me? I'm using a rover 5 base (2wd) for my robot (Arnie) it has it's own 12v power supply and can move forward and backwards fine the problem is when it tries to turn, the motors just seem to struggle i don't what to put any more voltage through the motors. do you think i should upgrade to 4wd?



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United Kingdom
It should turn OK. How have you got it set up?

To turn it generally moves the wheel the one side in one direction and the wheel the other side in the opposite direction. If it's moving forwards and in reverse OK it should turn OK.
United Kingdom
I set up the h bridge using the tutorial video. The only difference is the h bridge has it's own power. It does turn the way you say(one wheel one way and the other wheel the other) but it struggles and thats on a smooth surface. If it's on carpet then the motors just stop. I don't think the robot is to heavy. I am using 8 aa batteries (duracell) in a battery holder do you think a 12v cell would be better? or upgrade to 4wd?

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Are you powering from the EZ-B? It needs it's own power, or at least take the +V from the battery not from the EZ-B.
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No. I have 2 battery packs one powers the ez-b and other powers the h bridge. I have power and ground from the ez-b going to the 5+ and ground on the h bridge and the 12v power pack going to the vcc and ground on the h bridge so I have a common ground. And I have pushed the button on the h bridge so it knows it has a separate power for the wheels.