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Roomba Wont Move After Setting Servo Position.

Okay so not sure if this is a bug, I am using a roomba as the movement for my bot, and I have a robotic arm attached to the top. If I initalize the roomba alone, I can drive it around fine using the Roomba commands in the SDK. If I try to set a servoposition on the arm and then try to move the roomba again, it seems the servos on the arm "jump" and nothing happens, the roomba wont move and the arm seems to go into convulsions.

Any ideas what might be wrong?


I think the battery actually just died in the roomba as I was testing. The arm doesnt use the roomba battery so that makes sense;)


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ok still going into convulsions after roomba is charged.

Watch vid.

this was resolved with firmware update! Thanks for the post!