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Roomba Wifi Kickstarter

Looks like a neat idea, the WiFi unit is small. The iOS and Android app looks interesting.

The EZB(4) can do a lot more using a UART port and some two way conversation with the Roomba 500 through 800 models
Roomba WiFi


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You can do a lot more with the ez-b v4 AND create your own app:)

Also, the new Mono library is compatible with Xamarin if you want to create an app in c#. Using Xamarin.Forms makes it cross platform, as well. Meaning it will run on Windows Mobile, iOS and Android - all in one build. For $99, it is too much money. I would pay $19 for that - considering it's only a $4 wifi module
Totally agree DJ. I'm hoping to come up to speed on designing Roomba apps using the EZB and need to figure out how to design skins for the app and how the buttons get built into the skins. Probably have to get some info from Ant.