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Roomba Wheel Motor Modification To 12V

I want to use a Roomba as my base unit so I can have return to the charging station when it needs to be feed. However I want to use 12v motors to power the.wheels to my robot because the robot is large. Has anyone done this yet, any help would be.great. I do have a bridge for the 12v motors but it is the hook up I am confused about.


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Just give the stock roomba motors 12v , give your h bridge a 12v supply in and pwm panel let's you control speed.
The stock motors are to small for the
robot I am making because I am using a tristar wheel system. I want the Roomba to control the 12v power car door motors so it can go back to the charger. I like the way the Roomba when it approches the charger it slows way down so not to crash into the docking station. This tells me that.it.may already have a PWM setup. Thanks for the help this has been a great learning experience for me, just when I think I'm close to understanding things I find another road block.
So I can help better can you explain the.robot. Drawings? What size and weight? The stock roomba motors are said to handle 60 pounds of weight. Are you trying to change the drive.system?
can easy run them at 12 volts,voltage they use is 15 volts
yes as i said too they will handle 60 lbs may be more ,because of the gear box on the omnibot 2000
if using in a different robot design the torque will be diiferent

brush motors on the roomba are much more rated torque
also on the roomba drive motors if using the complete wheel system is does have encoder
i repair and redesign roomba's ,plus repair NEAT XV-11 vacuum cleaners too
and have a lot of parts for both i sell on EBAY
i made a upgrade for the drive motors to give double the torque
What's this upgrade you made to drive motors for more torque. Do they have stronger motors than the roomba a you sent me?
no.they are not drive motors i sent you,drive motors has less torque and smaller
design is using the motors i sent you ,plus changes to the H-BRIDGE