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Roli - Dead As A Dodo

Hi Everyone

Just unboxed my roli. I powered it up, connected to the wifi and calibrated the servos. Then I started adding the first wiring connections and roli died and has not done anything since, It is like the dead parrot sketch ...

Any clues as to what it wrong?




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Did the treads or arms ever move? If so maybe the H-bridge just died and not roli... If he never moved at all see here Roli won't move

If everything is dead, no lights no sound then check the wire connections, battery and main fuse...


Thanks Richard - it is probably the fuse as nothing lights up - presumably I have to take the lid of the beast to find it - is this right?


Could be a wire connection too... Remove the ezb then re-seat it... check the battery wiring too... The fuse is probably underneath where the ezb sits...


I know the ezb works as I can plug it into the developer kit (which I also have) so the problem is between the battery and the ezb .... thus I think it is a fuse issue ... but I am not sure where the fuse is!




Sounds like it's the fuse... Check the battery and battery wiring too.... However it is more likely the fuse or wiring if everything is completely dead....


Thanks Richard - do you know where the fuse is?


It should be underneath where the ezb sits in Roli near where the battery is.... You will probably have to crack him open so to speak.... I can't imagine it being too difficult to get to...


See the Fuse Replacemt tutorial:


Thanks Richard and TheTechGuru, your assistance is most appreciated. I will dismantle the beast and report back ....


If the fuse has blown - my concern is what caused it to blow? The fuse would take a very intense short. When you have followed the fuse tutorial, can you please verify the wiring and ensure there are no visible shorts?

Also - are you also certain the battery is connected and charged?

You will find all tutorials for Roli on his learn page here:

These two lessons will apply to you...

  • Fuse Replacement:

  • Connecting Roli's Motors:


Dear All

Like a pheonix, the dodo has risen from the ashes ... with a new fuse I now have lights.

Hopefully I am now back on track and roli is back on his tracks ..

Thanks to all



@ZebraStripes That's awesome news... Believe it or not even fuses can be defective and blow way below their amp rating... Nevertheless, you should check all the wiring to make sure there is no short somewhere....


Hi There

I wired it all up and found only one side of Roli's motors worked. So I checked the factory wiring against the photo provided in the tutorial. Here is the photo from the tutorial:

User-inserted image

And here is the wondrous wiring from the factory:

User-inserted image

Let's play spot the difference! How may differences can you spot between the correct wiring and the factory settings ... :D

I am going to rewire it like the tutorial and hopefully Roli will roll ...

Thanks to all for your extremely helpful replies. This is a truly wonderful community.




I'm not sure but I think the thumb is the main difference ....


Just to let you all know that after rewiring I now have a fully rolling roli .... thanks to everyone for helping ...




@Chris... my guess was the thumb too...:P Looks like they had the wiring completely backwards.... Roli has the most set up out of all the Revolution bots before leaving the factory so little niggles like this happen....

Awesome you picked up on it and glad you got it working.... :)


for my mind it would be better shipped unconstructed ane you build it youself that way you learn from bottom up


The methods used to mistake proof anti lock brake wire harness assembly would address these defects. The methods are very low cost, simple and effective.


@JayB What defect? I would exactly a call the need for rerouting of wiring a defect....


@ Richard: my understanding was the assembly was shipped with the wiring incorrect... an assembly defect.

South Africa

Thanks for this post ,which I found very helpful. I unboxed my Roli which I purchased yesterday and also had to replace the fuse. Now my Roli is working !


Hi Ian

I hope that you did not have to remove your thumb to get it working eek

Have fun with your roli!