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Roli As My Project


I am a university student in Shanghai China. My team has a project, wants to buy a Roli to finish our projects. i try to order, but fail to know delivery ship date. In Septemper, i go to school again. is it ok to order at that time.




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If you need it for a project you should order it now before you get even further behind the line. Roli is the last revolution robot to be sent out. Six is supposed to be sent out by this time then it will be JD


I would not guarantee that you get it in September. The people who ordered a long time ago are going to get theirs before anyone else. So I would order quickly if you can wait, so you are earlier in line, like @A.Bautista said.

If you can't wait, like if you will be moving away, if it would be a catastrophe if it doesn't come in September... do not order. You might not get it in time.


@Liming. , i certainly dont want to snake ez robot out of a sale but i understand sometimes projects have certain needs and timelines. The very first Roli prototypes where built on the rover 5 chassis. This is available from places like for example or the Rover 5 is about $50

Secondly developer kits have already been shipping and individual v4 boards. So perhaps you could buy the developer kit or just the v4 board and then purchase a rover separate to satisfy you deadline.