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Oh well...when I tried to get a quote from these guys they said...

"Thanks for your interest in Kadtronix products. Our robotic platforms and frames are no longer available for retail sale as we have shifted our business focus. However, we do accept a limited number of "special orders" from time to time when possible. First priority will be given to those who have purchased with us before and secondly to resellers and others those who will be placing orders for multiple units."

But, you can get some good robot building ideas just from exploring their site :)




And when I looked more closely at Diverse Electronic Services....

"Thank you to all our loyal customers for your many years of patronage. The owner of Diverse Electronic Services has retired and our entire inventory has been sold. Technical information, wiring diagrams, and sample programs are still available on this site. Click the appropriate button at the top of the page to find the information."