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Robot Currently Operates By Time - What Would Be A Good Upgrade?

Hello there

I am part of a robotics team. every year we get avrious challenges and travel to a competition. the challenge in the competition changes each year. last year we had to pick up milk crates and put them into various places. when the round starts, there were 15 seconds on which the robot drives autonomosly, and 2 minutes after that was teleoperated. what i am most concerned about is the autonomous period. our robot simply used a time delay in the code to be able to drive to one pre programmed spot - thats it! this year I would like to improve, and get rid of the time delay. what are some good sensors I could use on the robot and what should I control them with? thanks, any ideas appreciated. here is a description of last year's challenge:

although the challenge is going to be different this year, I would like to plan ahead as to what sensors I can use and how to use them.

some ideas I already have:

laser range finder - will prevent us from bumping and will allow us to drive up to things not dependent on time

rasberry pi with a camera for image recognition? I dont know how hard this will be and if its even possible confused



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That’s pretty easy. Download ARC and start experimenting. You can determine the crates by a various of ways. I’d start with ARC and an ezb v4. Once you play with some of the features and get an idea of how it works, people here will be more inclined to help. At this point if they help, they’d end up doing the project for you:). So start by downloading the software and purchasing a controller and get an idea of what capabilities ezrobot offers.