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Robot And Frank

While looking for inspiration for my robot house companion ( something like Jarvis). I STUMBLE ACROSS THOSE WONDERFUL MOVIE.

Military Robot Technology Documentary

Robot and Frank Trailer 2012! Watch the debut trailer for Robot and Frank, the heartwarming sci-fi movie starring Frank Langella and a robot! And with Beyond The Trailer's Trailer Plus, you'll also get link to the latest sci-fi movie news! Enjoy this Robot and Frank trailer, hitting theaters in 2012! Make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for entertainment news on YouTube today!,


Henry isn't the most popular kid in school. So, when he comes across a broken robot named Cody, things start to look up. After fixing him, Henry discovers that Cody isn't your average automaton -- he's a highly intelligent search and rescue robot!

The new friendship looks like it may be brought to an abrupt end however, when the military lab that created Cody tries to seize him back. When they then kidnap Henry's mother and Cody's inventor, it's up to one boy and his robot to outwit their captors and save the day!



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