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Robosapiens V2 Will Work With Ezb V4

Hi Guys,

I have ordered the EZB v4 to connect to my old Robosapiens V2, as demonstrated in the demo video on the site. I have been reviewing the ARC manual and EZ-Script manual in anticipation of when I get the EZB v4.

When reviewing the EZ-Script manual it is mentioned that the EZwB v3 supported the IR connection to the Robosapiens, however this features was discontinued in the EZB v4.

Can you please clarify what is not available in the EZB v4 to connect to the Robosapiens or in case of the scropt what commands are not available ?

Thanks in advance


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The V4 does not support the Robosapien unfortunately, support needed to be dropped so that the EZ-B could have more and better features.


Hi Rich, Is there any way I can use it with the robosapiens, such as encode the ir codes directly ? I actually bought the ezb to enhance mynold robosapiens 2