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Robosapien V1 Remote Question


I have recently bought robot and remote (separately). Robot seems to work fine (when I click on the button it says something and moves arms and legs for 10-15 seconds). The remote has a problem. Green light is never on. I have tried several batteries, all brand new - the result is the same. When I press the buttons in the center of the remote (left-right-up-down) for several time and then click some of the other buttons (select, R, L or P) lights flashes red for an instant and robot starts turning right. Then I do the same thing again, red lights flashes for an instant again and the robot starts moving forward. When I do it again - it goes right again, and then straight and so on. Anybody had similar problem? Is there some kind of special setting? Can the remote be fixed?

Thanks, Damnjan


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Are you asking about the Robosapien controller or the EZ Robot ezb3/ezb4 robot controller? Robosapien and it's controller are made by Wowee Robotics... EZ Robot has nothing to do with Wowee or it's products... I suggest finding a user forum for Robosapien to help you with this...


sounds like the remote is defective, I have several of the Wow wee bots V2's RS Media and an old original Robosapien that I bought new for my kid but he wanted the roboraptor instead so I ended up keeping the Original robosapien in my collection.The green light should come on the remote to work properly. I have seen them selling on Ebay fairly cheap sometimes if you keep checking.There is also a leggo Mindstorm USB transmitter you can buy fairly cheap on ebay that lets you hook up to your computer with a free program called Robosapien Dance machine found on the internet,Run all kinds of cool scripting programs to have the little guy seem "Alive".;)