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Robosapien - Next Generation

Full credit to DJ.. That old forgotten Robosapien sitting on the bench can live once more compliments of the EZ-B, of course it means I have to save and buy another board and camera but I can't wait. This is especially a bonus to those of us that lost or never had the original RC for the Robosapien. I'm interested to know just what, if any, the limits are to this. As anyone that has had a Robosapien would know, it was so annoying when you turned him off and he lost all those moves you programmed into him. The infrared translation is a masterpiece and the connections to the EZ-b look almost too easy to be true.


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Will have a Robosapien tomorrow to hack ! would like to connect IR FROM ezb ,is it possible , ie can one connect IR transmitter directly to output of ezb


If DJ's just simulating the pulses from IR sensor then it might work...


Exactly neik. I went through all of the remote controls and simulate the digital pulses to the controller. I also did the same for roboquad. I'll do more robots in the future - now that I kind of got the process :)

So with the ez-b, you don't have to program the Robosapien at all. Simple control it like any other movement control :). You can also script commands.



It seems a lot of non-dutch people pronounce and write my name wrong. My name is Niek, pronounced as Neek (where the ee sound is shorter than normal).


I didn't mean to write it wrong. Sorry. I'm in my iPhone out of town with no computer. So typing is a little frustrating sometimes :)


Haha, it's okay :P


Sadly the Robosapien V2 has a problem with wires shorting in the mid section of the robot. The plastic insulation on the wires just flakes off. I have never seen wires age this badly before. I have many toy robots that are over 30 years old with no problems at all. I heard that the Femisapien can be used with a V1 Robosapien remote, but she is a bit small to carry an EZ-B. I gave my old Robosapien to a friend years ago so I have no remote to test on the Femisapien. Speaking of humanoids, when is yours coming out DJ?


The Robosapian application is amazing ,what work must have gone in to extarct the data & then setup all the commands all we need to do is solder a few wires. I would like to connect with IR only would that be possible ( or have I missed it on another thread ) ? DJ

Many Thanks. Pat


Are you saying have the EZ-B transmit the IR to the Robosaien? DJ found a way to place the EZ-B on the Robosapien to control everything the robot does and add voice control and vision to the robot. It would be cool if you could transmit the IR signal so your robot could talk to and control a Robosapien or Femisapien. I am sure that could be done also.


@mcsdaver Yes that's it exactly, IR only to Robosapien if possible , as I have lots of other uses also ,say use voice control on EZb to control any tv


You solder wires to the Robosapien infrared port. The ez-b simulates the electrical pulses of the infrared - rather than using an IR led :)

It's a much more elegant way to integrate the ez-b :D


Yes you are so right DJ you make it sooooo simple Thanks



Is there Control for the HANDS of the Robosapien? Thanx!:)


I am about to try this out and I want to know whether it is best to get a Robosapien V1 or V2. THe V2 looks much cooler and can do more things, but will it work as well with the EZ-B? Also, I am wondering about the problem mentioned above with wires shorting out in the V2 Robosapien's mid-section. Another consideration is where to mount the EX-B on the V2 as it's back is a different shape (that allows it to do more actions). Thanks for your help!


The V2 uses a different remote so the commands for one wont work on the other. Also many of the wires in the V2 lose most insulation and will short out the batteries in the robot. I have two of the V2 robots and both of them have shorted wires. They do have lots of motors you can use for other projects. If the wires could be replaced they would be solid working robots for many years to come. But sadly so too many of the wires go bad.

The idea of the EZ -B turning a TV on or off is a good one.


The Robosapian Media robot is the same size as the V2 and may have better wires. If DJ ever gets one to test he could make commands for it. I don't have the Media robot to do any tests so I don't know how long they last. The First Robosapian works great with the EZ-B, so if you get one you can add the EZ-B and command the robot with your voice.