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Roborad For Sale

Hello, due to personal reasons I must sell Roborad. He is nearly complete but still needs to be finished. So still plenty for you to do to make him yours. It is a Robosapien mounted to a RAD base. I have changed out the motors in the RAD base to Omnibot 2000 motors and it is super strong. I have also added some quieting material. There is a plasma ball in the front and a mini laser light show in the rear. He has a 100 song mp3 player and trigger with HDTV speakers in the base. There is also the EZ USB camera on pan and tilt mountings, and the version 3 EZ-B board.
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You can see the build here:

Because he comes with a new version 3 EZ-B and camera, a completed drive section, and robosapien upper I am asking $150.00 plus shipping. I will also throw in other parts and things I have laying around. If interested, please contact me at bret.tallent@gmail.com
RoboRad Build


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RoboRad has been sold! Thank you Pete. I hope you and your son have a great time with him. And the folks on this forum will help you out all over the place.