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Rj45 And Ez-B

Hi there
I need to use wired lan (RJ45) to control my ez-b on a long distance. I've searched the forum for solution but haven't found.

How can I replace the bluetooth with wired lan and how long RJ45 cable can I use? I've read that RJ45 could be up to ~90 meters (295ft) but will ez-b be able to read the signal at that length?
Thanx :)


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United Kingdom
10/100/1000BASE-T has a maximum length of roughly 100m (90m horizontal, 10m between either end for connection). 10GBASE-T has a maximum length of 55m, except if using CAT6a where it is 100m. Cat6e varies from manufacturer to manufacturer (since technically speaking there is no such thing as Cat6e)

You will need to swap out the bluetooth module for a Serial Ethernet TTL module. Instructions for use may vary between different manufacturers. Connection will be very similar to the bluetooth or WiFi TTL modules.
Ok, thanks I will have a look around for Serial Ethernet TTL module. Do you have anyone to recommend?
@iamsuperman i am working on a design that will have RJ45 as soon as i get back from my work trip

I have all the parts and it will have WIFI and RJ45
@Robotmaker I saw that and I'm looking forward to hear more about it:)
IF you only want RJ45 A SERIAL ETHERNET TTL module is $22 from ebay,i ordered a few for another project where i didnt need both

serial ethernet ttl board ebay $22

So it depends if you want both or just the board
United Kingdom
I've not used one nor have I planned to so haven't looked. Sparkfun seem to make a lot of parts along those lines and are a good name. Elechouse is the preferred WiFi module, they may do one. Someone may have used one on here and will probably pop in and let you know :).
@Robotmaker why do you want to use both WIFI and RJ45?
I'll guess not at the same time?
First i bought WIFI boards already and i wanted to add design to have rj45 since i have a very large network around my house and need RJ45 for my animal cages ,where with WIFI you lose the connection because of metal or other problems in the wall.
The WIFI BOARD is $35 AND has -PHY AND +PHY needed for RJ45 and about $5 in parts you have both
just like a WIFI router
I mostly design electronic circuits and networking is super easy for me

I did make a tutorial on my design and got all my parts in,mostly whats needed is a SERIAL WIFI board a few resistors and special RJ45 with a isolation transfomer built-in.

I have a lot of projects once i get back in a few days ,good news no more work.

SO will be making it soon.
Ok, it might be interesting to have both and the option to choose.:)