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Rename The Wifi?


I'm looking to see if there is a way to rename the wifi for each robot. In a classroom with 10 robots, it is very frustrating to have kids connect to their own robot.

Thanks for any help you can give!

The learn section has all of the tutorials that you will need :). It can be accessed by the type menu of this website. The course in question is for the EZ-B v4 (the robot controller) which can be accessed directly here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Course/5

The specific tutorial for adjusting wifi modes is here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/15?courseId=5

Also, this is a great opportunity to introduce Dennis' video for numbering the robots, his tutorials are here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7AZta9_9awC-htC-dhluOw

Hope that helps:D