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Remote Control Help! Actuator Question..

Hi i have a question about my remote control. i just bought myself the DX5e remote, what im trying to do is hook up an electric actuator, like the one off of a wheelchair to tilt it backwards. i have a device called the sabertooth 2x25 to run my two motors. but that is two of the five channels on my remote. so is there anyway i can wire the actuator in so i can move it in and out easily with the remote. I am a newbie so something that would make sense to me!
Thank you


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Hi jrick63,

I have the Turnigy 9x and the sabertooth2x25 . I use the right stick on the transmitter to move the 2 motors forwards and backward and left and right by using channel 1 & 2 on the reciever. You can use channel 3 or 4 for your electric actuator by using the left stick. What are you using as a power source? Does the actuator have its own motor controller? I dnt know too much about the wiring of the actuator. If you could provide a link, I could write up my wiring diagram on how I got mine working, it should be the same concept.

I hope this helps.....this is my setup up minus the EZ-B and audio....

User-inserted image

plus set your dip switches like this

User-inserted image
Well what it its for its for my remote controlled lawn mower. For the actuator it has a built in motor with two power wires coming out. A red and a white. Hook the positive and negative up one way and it pushes it out. Hook it up the other way and it contracts it. The power source will be either 12 or 24 volts