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Recommendations For Multi-Meter?

The battery in my old Radio Shack multimeter corroded and even though I cleaned it up, it is dead. (of course, I need to check continuity on the bus fuses on my furnace that died on the coldest night so far this year, so great timing).

If money were no object, I would buy a Fluke, but I rarely use it, so looking for something under $30. Does anyone have recommendations or recommendations of what to avoid, or are they all pretty much the same at that price point?


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@Alan I have a Uni-T (UT61E) and love it... Solid, accurate product... It probably will be a little more (haven't checked lately) than $30 though..
Thanks @Richard looks like mostly positive reviews on Amazon. Little more than I want to spend, but not outrageous.

I guess it depends on what you want it for. I have a Fluke but also have a old radio shack thing and a $20 Sperry that seems to work just as well.