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Recieved My 2Nd Ez-B

Hey DJ. I got my second EZ-B today. Thanks for the shout out and the "extra". Much appreciated. Nice to see you remember us "old timers" that have been with you since the start! EZ-B has come a long way................................ Congrats on everything! Remember; I told you back then; you were going to be well recognized in the robot world! ROCK ON DJ!!!!!!!


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Haha, loydd. When I saw your name come across the shipping slip one day.. I said give me that box! And I hijacked it for a second to write you a message. I'm glad you got it and put a smile on your face.

Remember what we todl you too. One day you didn't have a clue about robotics - now look at you! I've been asked to do a TedX talk... There are a few people on this website that have written amazing stories to me about how EZ-Robot has changed or influenced their life. I'd really like to hear more and include your stories in my talk.