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Receive Audio From Robot


I was using the robot the other day to interact with my friend on the first floor of my house while I was on the second floor. He could hear the robot through the bluetooth speakers but I could not hear him. If the robot has a microphone onboard, can it be used to relay audio back to ARC so the operator can hear what the robot hears. This would be good for remote controlled applications too.


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United Kingdom
Yes, provided the mic is connected to the PC (bluetooth etc.).

However, be aware that there is a lot of noise in a robot and a mic on board may not give satisfactory results.
How do you enable listening from the mic in ARC? I havent seen the option, only speech options. I would need a module that takes in the audio from the mic and relays it back to a different speaker than the one used in the robot. How can this be done?
United Kingdom
You would need to set that up in Windows. Select the recording device, choose the option to listen to the device and change the default output device to the other speaker.

I'm not home right now but if you can't find those options I'll pop up some screenshots later.
Thanks Rich, I think I can find them, but Ill post back if I cant. U excited for the revolution? Do you have a 3D printer?
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For anyone else who doesn't know what I mean;

1. Right click on the speaker icon in the tray (by the clock)
2. Select "Recording Devices"
User-inserted image

3. Right click on the recording device/mic in your robot and click Properties
4. Click on the "listen" tab
5. Check the box for listening to the device
6. Select the relevant speaker/speaker in your robot from the list
User-inserted image

7. Click OK.
I got a good quality bluetooth mike thats works great and bluetooth speakers for my robot design.
United Kingdom
Basically put, no. You need to make another connection to the PC.
OK, but if the return of my microphone is to connect on a port(bearing) adc.
I can see ca with the graph adc for example?
It is thus enough to convert this signal in sound.
With the command scipt " getADC (port)" and to send it to a converter or another software which makes this ?
United Kingdom

GetADC() will give you a number between 0 and 255 depending on the voltage fed back into the signal of the ADC port. You must have a delay in reading from it to avoid saturation of the EZ-B communications and saturation of your PC's resources.

Can you point me to the software which is capable of converting an ADC value to sound?
I don't know a software but i supposed that maybe exist.
United Kingdom
Hi Kalinox you can have multiple Bluetooth devices connected to your PC at the same time.
The EZ-B board cannot support speech via its Bluetooth channel its only 9600 baud so what you suggest wont work good theory though.

I'm looking at getting an X-Kai mini Bluetooth speaker for my Omnibot as I changed the motors and gearbox so now he's super quiet but also super slow as I bought 40 RPM ones and they need to be at least 60 RPM at least they were inexpensive £10 for the pair(((

However the X-Kai Mini it has a built in mic and can be powered by a mini usb lead has a long battery life (if not) and great range and sound quality. According to the TV review I saw also its nice and small.
How many Bluetooth devices can be used on one computer at the same time? Is there a limit due to processing speed?
And if we replace the ez-b Board bluetooth connection by an other like WiFi or xbee module,
it possible to ez-b board support speech ?
United Kingdom
The main cause for it not supporting speech at the moment is not the connection between PC and EZ-B, so even changing the module would not enable speech.

As for max bluetooth connections, the official Bluetooth specifications state seven is the maximum number of Bluetooth devices that can be connected at once. However, three to four devices is a practical limit.