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Rc Remote Controll

Is there a way to use an rc remote controller to control the EZ-B ?



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@ MM1,

As purchased the EZ-B is controlled using a Bluetooth connection to a PC. There are ways to use things such as a Wii remote. You can hook up joysticks, wireless xbox 360 controller kits and game pad type controls to the PC and control the robot.

I personally have a Spektrum DX6 r/c system and wanted to use it to seamlessly take over control of the robot. I am using a Sabertooth 2x12 dual motor controller for the robot's drive system. What I found was that the Sabertooth has a 6 position dip switch which is used to configure it for different methods of controlling it. The setting for Simplified Serial works well with the EZ-B. The dip switch setting for r/c control worked great with my DX6 r/c. I searched the forum and looked at all the tutorials, tried every conceivable dip switch setting but I could never use both.

So I finally just built my own dip switch configurator that allows me to use the Aux on/off switch on my DX6 to toggle between EZ-B and DX6 r/c control. So basically the robot can be giong along under EZ-B control and I can pick up my DX6, flip a switch and my circuit changes the dip switch settings automatically to r/c mode. I can drive him around wherever I want then flip the switch back to EZ-B control. See my thread
Sabertooth 2x12 R/c Success

What type of motor controller are you using?
I am waiting for my EZ-B so for now I am only checking the possibilitys.