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Rc Remote

i really like to control ez-b with rc remote i have a 6ch channel rc remote controller
if i can control ez-b with and rc remote could you show me how ,if not could you add support for rc remote please.

this is my remote it is 2.4GHz

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Most remotes out there have a buddy box cable and usb adapters are available for them. Once windows recognizes the controller you can use it like a joy stick or game pad controller. Check with your retailer or manufacturer for tje usb cable. I will say in my personal opinion the wireless xbox 360 controller kits work great with windows and software they give you for the controller allows you to program functions or commands for each available button on the 360 controller. I just say this because to use your rc tx you must be physically plugged in your controlling computer but the Microsoft xbox 360 controller kit has a 30 to 50 ft range from the wireless usb adapter it comes with.......

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