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Rad-Bot With Sonar Progress

started to actually test robot with ultrasonic sensor to avoid walls/obstacles.I think i need to add real servo motor sweeping with the sonar sensor, though the Laptop is showing some sort of radar sweeping picking up the pings,not sure how that works when the sonar is just taped on the front for now.Also need to modify the obstacle avoidance ,so need to figure out where to modify the sample radar program,ahhh I guess no sleep tonight.


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Very interesting night I had last night. To get longer running time I put 2 --7.2 Nimh battery packs together in parallel to boost Amps and wow did the trick! The EZ B Low power warning did not come on for 3 hours of continuous use driving around the basement by itself! It was incredible, I Tweeked the sonar distance to a larger number and slowed the motors down to about 25 percent power so it was about slow human walk speed. Also added a separate battery pack 5 volts for the sonar (4 AA rechargeable Nimh) I only had to move the bot twice where it would only have trouble to "see" or ping at this one dumb table that has thin metal legs and would just trap the bot on the front corner. A servo to sweep the sonar is all That is needed now and it is so good at avoiding all obstacles in my cluttered basement. With these original Rad motors they are just fantastic for what I want the bot to do.Wondering how many battery packs can I use for a good 6-8 hours during a paranormal investigation? The scripting will have the bot pause often for taking sensor readings and only move around slowly to scan for EMF with cameras and looking to add Kinect camera vision along with Thermal vision adapter for Android phone.Last summer we investigated this crazy 100 year old farm and damn that place had so much weird activity,hope to go back this summer with the paranormal-Bot!


Testing the paranormal investigation robot progress,still only using one ultrasonic sonar sensor on his chest,he is almost completely independent ,running all by itself with the Sonar logic but still has 2 blind spots on the front corners but I will add the "hand" bump sensors from an old robosapien v2 to solve that issue. Even with that blindspot, I only had to rescue it twice at the starting and ran great in auto pilot for 10 minutes of non stop filming.After I stopped filming it kept going another 3 hours almost,still going to double that time with battery upgrades! buying a new servo to physically let the sonar move left and right similar to what his red eye is doing could also eliminate all blind spots. Not how I usually spend a Friday night but I am just stoked how well it runs now! It is set running on the slowest speed but at full speed it bounces around the floor like a mouse!:P