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R2d2 Projector

I am getting started with ez robot and currently integrating it into my r2d2 build. I have a small pico projector with thr leia message on it.is there a way of using ez robot to control or trigger it?


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To accurately answer, we need more information on how it is triggered outside of ARC /ez-b. It if is just a switch, you could reppace the switch wih a tip120 transistor or a relay circuit and trigger with a digital port. Knowing more about the switch and how much voltage/current it uses would help us advise on specific hardware. Does it play from an embedded computer? ARC can play videos from a script, but you would still need something to turn the projector on and off or you would be projecting the ARC desktop when not playing your video clip.

Link to the device or its manual could help.


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Hi sorry , my bad

here is the model


The file is held internally on the c20



So, I don't usually recommend this, but looking at the manual, it looks like instead of trying to replace the buttons with connections to EZ-B, it might be better to mount a servo with a horn and possibly an extension so that it can press the play/pause button based on an script or autoposition. If you need to press more than one button to turn it on, select the video, and play the video you could either use multiple servos, one over each switch, or two on a pan/tilt type setup so that you can move it over the right button.

This also avoids voiding your warranty :)