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R2d2 Build

Dj built an r2d2 and said in another discussion that he would post a video about the build. I have been looking and can't find a video on this. has anyone seen it?

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I dont think he made one,i have a few types of R2D2 robots and took apart and ready to hack,it pretty simple to add servo's to arms and motors to control the feet and more
ok thanks still desiding on which robot to start with.
(latest idea:brookstone rover with wall-e head)
I know sometimes its hard

Just like on my ROBORAD design it was hard to find out witch robosapien with work on R.A.D 2.0 platform,i like the robosapien v2 because i think the bluetooth camera will fit in place of the robosapien v2 camera,plus i like the hands instead of the claws ,it look more of a animal with claws
where robosapien v2 is like a person that can grab items