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R2-D2 Dome Centering (Hot Pot)

Hey All,

Finally got my Hot Pot into R2. It allows me to "know" where R2's dome is
for positioning.

Here it is mounted to the frame (Slip-ring through the middle).

User-inserted image

Then we add the spring loaded nipple/finger thingy to the bottom side of the
dome plate (Spins on a rockler bearing).

User-inserted image

A wider view of the bottom of the dome plate.

User-inserted image

Top side of dome plate. Items are temp mounted.

User-inserted image

Setup for now is Syren10 running in R/C mode. I can use Servo() commands to
control direction and speed with ok precision.

Hot Pot is connected to ADC port and reads from 0 to 212 with 106 being front

Currently working on scripts to do what I need. So far I have it setting variables
for what quadrant the front (Radar Eye) is in at any given moment.

Also have it doing full Left/Right and stopping to self-center.

My only issue is the ADC_Wait_Between misses the low/high range I set and the
dome goes for another full loop before catching the second time around. Anyone
with thoughts on how to overcome that? The slower the dome spins the "easier"
it catches the reading from the adc port. So for now I slow the dome down then
let it self-center.

More to come. Video when I have it somewhat running smoother.

Thought I would share.


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