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Quit From Window 10

Hi DJ,

I just brought new tablet (Microsoft Surface Pro) for ARC. But the ARC sometimes to quit from the program when it is running. And I can't change the text from "hello world" in the "blocky". But I switch to "script", it can change and type normally. Would you help?

The new tablet requirement as below: Microsoft surface Pro with Window 10 Intel Core i5 processor 256GB, 8GB RAM


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Hi Ricky, as a suggestion, have you ran Windows updates? If it is new, it might be missing general updates that the OS could use to run more efficiently. And I don't know about you but I always take off any "bloat ware" on my new devices. It sounds like you purchased a nice tablet!

When you were having problems switching and typing, do you feel this is touch screen issue, or were you using the keyboard? My new tablet required a touch screen setup that I ignored for a bit where it asked me to tap and swipe different parts of my screen...after that configuration the touch screen worked much better. Did yours have a similar touchscreen setup?


Hi Justin,

Appreciated for your help! It is better now after updated the Window system! Although, sometimes still quit out!:D


Hi Ricky,

Do you get any type of error message when ARC quits and closes? Does it happen at any specific task? Are you using the latest ARC as well?

How is your android project coming along?


Hi Justin,

I used the ARC latest version. It is better now after update the windows 10 system. Before this issue, I always click on the blocky function or close the plugin. Then it quit from ARC and pop up the error light box!

Anyway, I just use my new computer for my project. I'm not sure, will it have another problems coming or not!;)