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Questions Connecting To Robots Wifi

All our robots seem to have issue connecting the laptop to the robot wifi. I have ran updates on ARC latest version installed 2018.09.30.01and it then shows update available but when i download the latest version ending in 02 in doesn't install?

When trying to connect the laptop to the robot the connecting always times out?

Any help on getting these working would be greatly appreciated



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Hey! We can get you running..

WiFi How do you know the laptops are having an issue connecting to WiFi of the ezrobot? Any information you can provide will help. An error message? Confirm that you've watched the video and understand the process of connecting to a WiFi network, etc...

Updating Software Strange that the version is reported incorrectly. It could be a caching of the download? I'd recommend rebooting the PC (or shutting down web browser) and trying again. I was able to download and update with correct version returned. Albeit, it's not a new issue as in a million downloads, we've seen it happen once or twice before:)