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Questions After January 18 Windows Update ARC

After the January 18 update I can not get video on my lap top

The camera is working as I can see the video using the ios app on my I phone

I tried removing the EZ builder app and re installing

no progress

Thanks Andy


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What error do you see when pressing the start button on the camera control?


I just get the display box with the ghosted out logo

No error codes


You press the start button, and there is no error or anything in the debug window? There must be some message in debug if the start button for the camera is pushed. Does the software lock up, is that why there is no message? Please provide more info:)


The software locks up on the desk top now almost every time


Please provide more information - I'd like to help you but there is no information to work with. Perhaps the easiest first step is for you to submit a diagnostic report. Instructions can be found here:

Please confirm once you have submitted a diagnostic report


I uninstalled and the re installed the software

Now it's okay.

Not sure why , but my Windows machine did go through quite a bit of updating yesterday

Everything seems fine



Great to hear - glad the magical mystery of Microsoft Windows bugs could help:)