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Questions About 3D Printing

Question who on the internet is providing 3D printing? (I do not own a 3D printer).

2nd question can you request different colors for the parts?

3rd question how do you make a list of parts from EZ-Builder?

I am starting a new project called: Zippy! (aka EZ-Robot Hexapod, code name Six!)

Or should I just wait for a kit from EZ-Robot Inc.?

Thanks in advance for any answers,


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United Kingdom
A lot of companies offer 3d print services, shapeways are a common one. Are you talking in general or specific to ARC community print?

Depending on the printer used. Some printers are only able to print one colour. Some have filament which only comes in one colour. Check with your printing service.

What do you mean by "a list of parts"? Just the 3D printed parts or servos and sensors too?
Just the 3D printed parts or servos and sensors too? All parts, so I can order what I need.
I am not sure which person at EZ-Robot answered my comments on Facebook, but I am now savings the EZ-Bit stl files for 3d printing.