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I use the 920VR .. But any of them will work (As long as they have an accelerometer)


i see they are $200 ,DJ very looking into EEG headsets for EZB they are $200 to $300 and they use brainwaves to control robots and others

mindset headset $200

EPOC headset $300

next month about the first week getting the EPOC and june or sooner getting the neuosky headset also they are bluetooth


i looks at the prices wrong i see that VR920VR IS about $400 WOW and only other one with accelometer is 1200VR IS $600


Hi!, greetings. I already bought the vuzix glasses, but I have some problems to see in the glasses what is transmitting the camera. I just see a blue screen on the glasses. On the ez-b software, I have open the camera device window and the vuzix window, all the servos and board is configurated, but when I press "connect" (on the vuzix window) nothing happens.

Hope somebody could help me with this.

Thanks in advance.


i think you need a computer to use it and as DJ says needs to be 920VR you may need it to check the computer setting