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Question With Speech Recognition On Windows 8

Sorry, but my English is not very good
I have a problem with the "Speech Recognition" (I work half)

I have installed the "EZ-Builder" Version on a PC with Windows 8
I put a control "Speech Recognition" with the following parameters
Enable Phrase: "Listen" Enable Cmd: say ("Listening")
Disable Phrase: "Silence" Disable Cmd: say ("not listening")

Phrase Comand
One Say ("one")
Two Say ("two")

when I say
"Listen," the computer says "listening"
when I say
"Silence", the computer says "not listening"

however, when I say any command (one, two), the computer does not recognize,
(only work enable phrase and disable phrase)

(I have Windows 8 in Spanish and actually the examples I have phrases done in Spanish )
User-inserted image

Thanks in advanced


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United Kingdom
I'd say that the confidence is not high enough for it to accept that you actually spoke the correct word.

Carry out the training in Windows, you will find it in the control panel. Follow the instructions on screen to train your computer better.
Do not think that's it, because if I put the words of command in an Prhase Enable and Disable Prhase it's works perfectly.

in the previous example
Enable Phrase: "One" Enable Cmd: say ("Listening")
Disable Phrase: "Two" Disable Cmd: say ("not listening")

works perfectly.
when I say "One", the bot replies "Listening"
when i Say "Two" the bot replies "not listening"

Best Regards
Try reversing the two words:

Phrase Comand
One Say ("one")
Two Say ("two")

Phrase Command
Say One ("One")
Say Two ("Two")
It seems the problem has to do with the language used, and I put it in English U.S. and it has worked, however with speech recognition in Spanish, recognizes commands in Enable and Disable (works perfectly with any word) but not recognize the section commands/phrase

the commands in Enable and Disabre working perfectly
User-inserted image

The commands /prhase NOT WORK
User-inserted image

"Escucha" and "Silencio" phrases (Enable and disable) work perfectly (is recognized)
"uno" and "Dos" (frases command) NOT work

and is independent of speech recognition the enable and disable works with any word

It is sad, because the voice recognition is a very good part of the robot

Best Regards
United Kingdom
It is enabled when you are attempting to use the "Uno" and "Dos" commands isn't it?
yes, it is enabled when I say "Uno" and "Dos"
United Kingdom
And not paused? The image you showed earlier shows it paused which will stop commands working. (I have to cover all the basics first)
No, when I've tried the commands "Uno" and "Dos" was not Paused.
United Kingdom
Make the phrase longer. I.E. "Robot One" (or whatever the Spanish is for that, sorry all I know in Spanish is how to order beer)
I tried it with longer sentences, and does not work. 8(

however the phrases put on "Enable" and "Disable" working perfectly.

I think ,must be a software bug, or speech a problem with speech Recognition in Spanish, because I've changed the language on my computer for U.S. English, and I have run the commands (in English of course) perfectly.
Xiscop Hello, I have windows 7 and I have exactly the same problem as you, only recognizes the phrases "Enable Phrase" and "disable phrase".
How have you changed the language to U.S. English?
I tried but did not succeed.
Hello R2D2
Here's how I did in Windows 8 on Windows 7 suppose to be similar
You must go to control panel add language "English U.S.", and you should put it as default language and Reboot, you must also go to the "Speech Recognition", and you will the 2 engines "Speech Recognition", one in your language and another on the "English U.S." you must select "English U.S.".

     I would like the EZ team, find a solution, so we can enjoy the voice recognition in our language (Spanish in my case).

It appears to be a small incompatibility of ARC, the language in both windows 7 and windows 8
[b]must be a problem with the control "speech recognition"[b] only with list of commands because the voice recognition works well with "prase enable" and "phrase disable"

    We wait anxiously for the new version of ARC or a patch to correct this issue.

Thanks in advance
thank you all for your efforts.

I am not sure that it is an ARC issue. I use Speech Recognition in french (in windows8) and everything works fine. However, you should know that I had to train a lot in windows to begin to have some confidence in ARC...

Another thing to have in mind is that if you configure speech recognition in your own language, you should stop using english words, as they will not be correctly recognized anymore.

And finally, the quality of your microphone, and its settings, are important too.

Hope you will find a solution which works for you...
Some data

If I put the windows with U.S. English language,
  Recognition (In English of course) works correctly (as expected) both "prhase enable" and "disable prase" and lists of phrases for commands.
(Although for that I must remove all other languages, and that if multiple simultaneous languages will mess and fails)

If I put the windows with Spanish language (deleting other languages)
Recognition (in Spanish of course), only works properly with "phrase enable" and "disable phrase" however the list of commands does not recognize any, (and not by quality or by training, nor adequate words etc. ...), I think that loads default U.S. English grammar

In addition to loading control "Speech Recognition", in the Debug window I get:
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
The Desired culture (en-US) is not installed on this machine. We will load Culture: "es-ES"
Loaded successfully speech recognition
-------------------------------------------------- ---

Otherwise the pandora bot recognizes all dictation text in Spanish

It seems that wrong is the list "of commands" of the "Speech Recognition" and NOT voice recognition itself.

sorry for my English.
Perhaps the title of the post should be: problems with speech recognition in other languages??.