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Question With Camera In Windows F11 And F12

In last time i have a problem.
I use in the Tab F11 and F12 many "mobile interface builder".
After connection i have only a picture in Tab F10 with the camera device.

The Camera in the Interfacebuilder F11 and F12 have not a picture.
After every programstart i must go in every interfacebuilder,
must oben settings and save.
After this all works fine.

My english is bad,
when you need, i can make a Video.

Is this a Error from me, or from the builder?



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Better so for a answer?
Sry for my english.
Video helps to understand. Thank you. I’ll look into it.
Hmm, iam alone with this problem or have another the same problem?

The ECB-V4 sends a lot of data.
Is it possible to reduce the stream of the camera?
Not the size of the picture, rather the frame rate.
If the wifi gets worse, the software hangs up.
If the frame rate is smaller, there may be fewer problems.

It's just a question or a try.
Wow, cool.
You are the Best.
It works perfect.
The software is more stable.
Thanks a lot of.