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South Africa
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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Question Regardinguploading A Post To The Project Showcase

Dear EZ Robot team

Please can you help me. I have been working on a project to link to link a Microsoft Kinect Xbox 360 sensor with the EZ Software. I wish to share this with the community.

The question is : Am I allowed to upload this project and sample code.

This is because I have read previous posts about the Kinect X Box sensor. I am a bit hesitant to upload the project post as this may not be allowed due to licencing issues. Also I don't know if the forum allows us to discuss products from other companies (the Kinect)

What follows is a summary of the post I wish to upload. Please let me know if this is allowed. If not, I understand.


In this post I discuss a way that I used to link a Microsoft Kinect Xbox 360 sensor with the EZ Software

A background program, in a language called processing, runs behind the scenes.

This processing program analyses the skeletal orientation of the user from the Kinect Camera. It then sends the data to the EZ-Builder

A EZ-Script can be written in the ARC to respond to this data

Detailed set up instructions are given

An example is given for the Revolution JD this is a copycat game whereby JD robot will copy the position (arms and legs) of the person standing in front of it.

This sketch can be adapted to any other application.

This project uses an open source library (Simple-Openni) which is a simple OpenNI and NITE wrapper for Processing. The website is http://code.google.com/p/simple-openni/

The website for processing is : www.processing.org


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South Africa
Thanks DJ. I am about to upload.