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Resolved Resolved by thetechguru!

Question On Ezscript


I'm new with EZ Scripting
is it possible to open in a script a plugin control window.

I have tested
ShowControl("Synbot Plugin")

Script is executing without any error but control is not showing

I test also
ShowControl("Benchmark") and other controls

and it is the same ...

Thanks for your help


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Sorry It's closed and resolved , cause I don't use it in a mobile interface.

I Will do in another way

There is no way to add an object using a script. Showcontrol (and close control) are used in the Mobil Interface builder to show or hide a (normally desktop) control in the interface.

From the script help:


ShowControl( ControlName )
Used for mobile devices and the Interface Builder only, this command will open the specified control into the foreground.
Example: ShowControl(Wii Remote)

CloseControl( )
Used for mobile devices and the Interface Builder only, this command will close the current control, the same as pressing the BACK button on your device.
Example: CloseControl()

Ok thanks for pour help